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Introductory Biblical Greek Books

Basics of Biblical Greek

Very Informative, great for someone with a heart for study and a passion for learning Biblical Greek. Very instructive, you can’t go wrong with the BBG. It offers insights that pertain to the lesson and add to the retention of information. If you have had any exposure to Biblical Greek in the past, and are looking to refresh your knowledge, you may find a lot of the sidebars to be needless. There is a lot of supporting material for this book available at an additional purchase, workbook, flash cards, audios, and videos. Probably the best all-around choice for the first-timer.

Learn to Read New Testament Greek

Lean and mean, right to the point, this book wastes no time or paper. Perfect as a refresher and for a guided class, makes a great reference as well. Not the best stand-alone learner, but works very well with other resources such as information found on the internet. There is also a workbook available. The Author also offers a DVD videos class set but I’ve not watched it myself.

Learn New Testament Greek

This is a hand held walk through the Biblical Greek learning process. I found to be elementary, which might be good, but lacks defined structure. Great for the person that is thinking about learning Biblical Greek but has little time to commit.

The Elements of New Testament Greek

Probably my favorite for reference and the intense learner. This books builds up and gets you going from the get-go. The progression is comfortable and well-structured making a great reference after you start reading Greek on your own. If you have had previous exposure to Biblical Greek but lost some due to no use, this is a great refresher. It also seems best suited for a guided class. Does not hold your hand as much as others, but I tend to like that. Audios are available for this book.

Intermidiate Biblical Greek Books

Going Deeper With New Testament Greek

This book is amazing! Well planed, well thought out. I didn’t think much of this book when I ordered it. I thought it would be a nice addition to my biblical Greek books. I judged it by its title. It is a self contained learner, “the” next step from intro into intermediate. However, if you don’t know any Greek this is not a good starter. It might be tempting to do but would frustrate where the basics are assumed. But choose any introductory biblical Greek book to start with and you’re all set. Here’s what I like about it:

  • You don’t need to run out and buy a Greek bible right away to practice, it has a good amount of starter material from the Greek New Testament and follows each portion with a good break down of the text.
  • It has its own vocab so you don't “need” to carry around your starter Greek book to stay sharp.
  • It reviews some of what you already learned but delves deeper into those topics. At the same time it doesn’t bore you with the same old stuff.

    I would summarize with this: “Learn to Read New Testament Greek” followed by this book are a great pair. All you need from there are a Greek New Testament and maybe a BDAG lexicon, because there is no equivalent to it.
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    Fun and insightful read in the Greek of the letter to the Philippians. Does not bogg you in extreme gramatical detail while leaving no stone unturned. I really like this book.

    Inspiring Biblical Greek Books

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    Utility Biblical Greek Books

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