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This is no longer a donation supported web site. It is my gift to the world of people that desire to use it. It was initially created for my (Stephen Mathews) own use in my effort to learn Greek some years ago.  I wrote it in Javascript to have it run in the browser of what ever device I happen to be using.  After some time I wanted to add Strong's lookups to the Greek as well as audio.  To provide audio required splitting each verse apart for a source set of readings (mentioned below) Vic split more than I did (thank you Vic).  As I learn more and need more I add more, input for others like Vic has been helpful too.  Donations are not be requested at this time.


Vic Kovacs and Stephen Mathews are just instruments in this effort.  Marilyn Phemister, the reader of the New Testament Greek made two pivotal choices that made this site possible.  She picked the Westcott-Hort Greek, which is public domain, and made her readings public domain and freely available before her passing. 

Note: This is not a Westcott-Hort only site, or a single-English-version only site.  It is a free stepping-stone-to-learning-Biblical-Greek site built with free materials. Enjoy!


We have jointly decided to try helping folks that have few resources learn to read Biblical Greek.  There are a great many books out there for introduction to Biblical Greek.  Each book offers its greatest benefits and features.  During and after plugging away through such a book without a class to attend, as I have, resources start becoming difficult to obtain, especally when funds are tight.  Hearing the Greek spoken is a great step in learning it.  Having tools to look up the meaning of words is another help but should be used to build an internal vocaulary. 


Clicking the chapter name or number, e. g. Chapter 2, will start reading the full chapter text. Work is underway to split chapters into verses. As these become broken out (follow progress here), clicking the verse number will start reading the verse in Greek. The buttons at the top allow you to setup the page to your greatest comfort. For example if you find it easier to study the Greek line by line click the Verse Per Line button. For inline English click "Inline Webster English" and/or "Inline MLV English". Accents are not supported by all fonts on all systems. Try changing the fonts if you have trouble viewing the accents or click the "Accents" button to toggle them... (I like them off myself). Finally, the site uses your browser's cookie support to save your settings so you don't have to continually set things up.

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